The ‘Building Great Australian Lives’ campaign underscores the importance of a strong public education system that delivers equal opportunity for all children to develop their abilities and reach their potential. Our public schools are the bedrock of our community and founded on the principles of inclusion, diversity, excellence and equality.  It is vital that all students have access to high quality education for community well-being, social cohesion and to equip them with the skills and capabilities needed in a rapidly changing world.

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Building Great Australian Lives

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To support the fair funding of our public school, sign up to the Fair Funding Now campaignBecause every student has the right to a quality education. 

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Award-winning actor
Deborah Mailman AM

World and Paralympic champion
Kurt Fearnley AO

 Journalist and news presenter Juanita Phillips

Environmental warrior and TV Presenter Craig Reucassel

Law Professor, filmmaker and writer Larissa Behrendt

International jurist and educator the Hon. Michael Kirby


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Larissa Behrent

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Craig Reucassel
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Public School Students

Public School Student
Public School student

Thank you to the NSW Department of Education and the Arts Unit for arranging the talented public school students and the filming location.

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