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2018 Student Scholarships NOW OPEN

July 20, 2017: Welcome to Term 3 for 2017! For us, it is a particularly exciting time of year as we are delighted to launch our main round of scholarships for 2018 which are now open.  I encourage you to visit the scholarships page on our website and read about the many opportunities available this year for public school students right from Year 1 through to transitioning to tertiary study. The scholarships that are currently open for [...]

After fleeing Aleppo less than 4 years ago, Baraa is excelling at Holroyd High School

Good evening everyone, I’m Baraa Omar from Holroyd High School. I come from Syria, Aleppo. I have been here in Australia for four years with my family consisting of my parents and my 3 siblings. I came when I was 12 years old; I came from Syria due to war in 2013. I started learning English at the Intensive English Centre at Holroyd and then moved to high school directly to year 8 continuing my learning progress [...]

Kind-hearted Shakeilah is a class leader

22 May 2017: Shakeila Bartman might only be in her first years of school, but her leadership skills are all ready shining through. The Toomelah Public School student was named the winner of the inaugural Camburn Withers Scholarship at the Proudly Public! Celebrating Excellence in Public Schools’ awards night at Sydney Town Hall this week (Wednesday, 17 May). Shakeila’s scholarship supports an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander student through primary school. “Shakeilah is in Grade Two and is 7 years-old. [...]

The Furore Over Gonski 2.0

By David Hetherington, Executive Director, Public Education Foundation You just can’t script it.  Trump’s 100 days an unparalleled success.  Teresa May declares war on Brussels.  And for a fresh set of eyes on Australian education after the Gonski years, Malcolm Turnbull appoints… David Gonski. What to make of this last political eye-catcher?  The first thing to say is that it’s clever politics. In a moment, it takes the sting out of the most powerful word in the [...]

2017 Budget is one step forward, two steps back on schools funding

10 May 2017: The Public Education Foundation (PEF) welcomes some small steps forward in education funding in the 2017 Budget, but remains deeply concerned by the overall direction of the Government’s new policy. As outlined last week’s Gonski 2.0 announcement, the Government has rightly endorsed needs-based funding as a bedrock principle for schools resourcing. It has also recognised that the best use of additional resources is realised by redirecting money away from over-funded schools to those which [...]

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