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Teachers Mutual Bank Principal’s Scholarship

Public Education Foundation Principal’s Scholarship

The Public Education Foundation’s Principals’ Scholarships provides scholarships for principals of government primary and secondary schools to undertake a short professional education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the USA.

The Scholarships provide a successful applicant with the opportunity to ‘reflect, refocus and recharge’ through a professional education program tailor-made for school Principals.

We are grateful to our generous sponsors for supporting these scholarships; the Harvard Club of Australia and Teachers Mutual Bank.

This Information Pack will answer your questions about the support the Scholarship provides, eligibility and selection criteria for the Scholarship and includes information about how to apply.


There are two courses offered by the Harvard Graduate School of Education – Principals Center which this Scholarship can fund.  You need to choose which of these two programs is most relevant to your needs and interests.  You will only be funded to attend one program.  The choice is:


To be eligible for a Principal’s scholarship you must:

  • Be a current Principal in a government primary or secondary school in Australia;
  • Be a mid-career Eligible applicants will have served as a Principal in a government primary or secondary school in Australia for between three and ten years;
  • Be committed to continue as a Principal in the government school system for at least another five years;
  • Be available to share your learnings to a wide community through formal and informal channels such as relevant conferences, social media and other networks;
  • Act as an Ambassador in different forums such as the media, conferences and social media for the Public Education Foundation and the Teachers Mutual Bank upon your return.

Please note that eligibility criteria is strictly applied and Principals who have served for less than three years or more than ten will not be considered.

Previous applicants are welcome to re-apply provided they still meet the eligibility criteria.

Please also note: Scholarship recipients are responsible for obtaining the consent of their employer prior to accepting this award and prior to travel.


Each Scholarship is valued at approximately $14,000 and includes:

  • All tuition fees for one of two Harvard Graduate School of Education programs – either ‘Improving Schools: The Art of Leadership’ or ‘Leadership: An Evolving Vision’;
  • Travel insurance;
  • Return airfares ex-your nearest capital city and
  • Accommodation for the duration of the course

Each successful participant is responsible for covering their own living expenses and airport transfers.

Recipients who choose to extend their travel at either (or both) ends of the course will be responsible for booking their own travel, travel insurance and accommodation.  They will then be reimbursed the equivalent of return airfare to Boston and accommodation and travel insurance for the course period only.


The selection panel will consider the following selection criteria:

  • Evidence of significant ability as a school leader, commitment to the values of public education and capacity for leadership into the future;
  • Evidence of a candidate’s enthusiasm for furthering their own professional development and education;
  • Evidence of understanding of ways in which learnings from the course can be shared with colleagues via social media and professional networks;
  • Other personal qualities and personal circumstances that would enhance the candidate’s suitability for a scholarship.


A selection panel will review all Scholarship applications according to the criteria set out in the Application Form. The selection panel will include a representative of the Public Education Foundation, the Harvard Club of Australia, Teachers Mutual Bank and a serving public school Principal. After considering all applications, the selection panel will make recommendations to the Board of the Public Education Foundation for approval.

Please note: The Selection Panel may invite a number of applicants for interview before making its final decision.


It is a condition of the Scholarship that funds provided are used for purposes consistent with the intent of the Scholarship.

Before applying for this scholarship, please ensure that you read the terms and conditions document available on our website at https://www.publiceducationfoundation.org.au/scholarship- awards-terms/.


Principals should apply online via  https://pef.fluidreview.com

The process will require you to:

  • Complete a short application form including the following information:
    • Your contact details
    • Years as a Government School Principal (must be 3-10)
  • Information about your school including:
    • Total enrolment
    • Student attendance rate
    • % Indigenous students
    • % EALD students
    • % students with special needs
    • Outline of additional school funding
  • Complete a series of short-answer questions (maximum 250 words) about:
    • Your school
    • Challenges you have faced as a school leader
    • How you would share your learning with your colleagues and community;
  • Upload a reference from the education sector, for example your supervisor or area director. (Maximum 400 words)
  • Upload a reference from a community referee, for example your local Member of Parliament, local PCYC Director or Rotary Club President; (Maximum 400 words)
  • Upload a copy of your CV, complete with your educational qualifications, your employment and teaching history and information about any extra-curricular activities you have undertaken as part of your schooling duties or your community roles. This should be two pages maximum.

Understand that the scholarship is very much focused on public education impact in the community (students, parents, teachers, other principals, broader community).  Please write your application with this broad audience in mind and avoid acronyms.


Once you have finalised your application and all elements are complete (including references as required) you can submit it for review.

Applications must be submitted by 11.59pm on Tuesday 26 February 2019


Call the Public Education Foundation on 02 9266 8256 or email us at


We also encourage you to visit our website to learn more about the Foundation and the work that we do – www.publiceducationfoundation.org.au

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