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We give life-changing scholarships

The Public Education Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing life-changing scholarships to young people in public education and enhancing the value and reputation of public schools.  We recognise that disadvantage is the main factor in student achievement and success. Our targeted scholarship program focuses on specific areas of need: refugee, Indigenous, rural and remote and disability.  We also offer scholarships to education leaders in public schools across Australia in recognition of their role in transforming student outcomes and improving education standards.


Principals Scholarship Recipients Announced

MEDIA RELEASE: 1 June 2020 Exceptional Leadership Skills Recognised with Principals Scholarship The Public Education Foundation, Teachers Mutual Bank and the Harvard Club of Australia are honoured to announce the recipients of the 2020 Principals Scholarships. The three outstanding principals will travel to the Harvard Graduate School of Education to undertake a [...]

Teachers Health Early Career Scholarship Recipient Announced

MEDIA RELEASE: 4 June, 2020 The Public Education Foundation (PEF) is delighted to announce that Hannah Rivers of Cumnock Public School, NSW, is this year’s recipient of the Public Education Foundation’s Teachers Health Early Career Scholarship. This scholarship supports public school teachers who are in the first three years of their teaching [...]

Kimnu Kawngte, Friends of Zainab Secondary Scholarship. May her story inspire & motivate all of us this week to go for our dreams!

Kimnu Kawngte, Friends of Zainab Secondary Scholarship. May her story inspire & motivate all of us this week to dream big!

Scholarships OPEN for applications. Visit this link for more details

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Noemie Huttner-Koros is one of the Capital Chemist scholars. We're proud to share her story. She has been an activist since high school, where she participated in school government, established an environmental council, and went on to receive our Capital Chemist Scholarship for Citizenship.

Now she’s also an artist, focused on creating spaces and encounters that challenge and move audiences to re-imagine social norms, histories and culture. She’s taken her plays out of the black box and explored gallery installations, roving performances and even a participatory dinner party.

Her show The Lion Never Sleeps, a walking performance through the streets of Northbridge, traces the spaces where LGBTQIA+ people made community during the HIV/AIDS crisis in Perth, and was mentioned in the Australian Book Review’s Arts Highlights of 2019.

She’s currently studying a Master of Theatre at the University of Melbourne, but Noemie remains an activist. She’s co-director of the KAN Collective which supports performances by women and non-binary people, and she facilitates the outreach group, Arts & Cultural Workers for Climate Action.
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The Public Education Foundation is supported by the NSW Department of Education in collaboration with schools, communities, philanthropic, individual and private sector supporters.

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